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About us

Northumbria Primary Care (NPC) is an innovative, not-for-profit venture which aims to achieve excellence through collaboration. Our model brings together general practice teams into an organisation which has the enthusiasm, drive and expertise to shape the future of primary care services.

Established in 2015, NPC runs seven general practices in Northumberland and North Tyneside – you can read more about the individual practices here.

Our GPs care deeply about the communities they live and work in, and being part of NPC still allows them to be responsive to the local needs of their patients. They continue to work from their home practice, preserving the continuity of care and relationships with patients.

Patients of practices that join NPC will see no immediate change to the care they receive. Their GP surgery will still have the same name, they will still be registered with the practice and be able to contact it in the same way to make an appointment. The people they see at the practice, so the doctors, nurses and support staff, will all be the same.

Whilst each practice retains their local identity and operates as an individual practice, they can do so with the security of being part of a wider group of practices. All NPC practices remain active members of their locality and will soon be members of their local primary care network. We have chosen not to operate as a stand-alone primary care network, as we recognise the importance of working closely with our neighbours.

Sustainability and resilience is at the forefront of our ethos and we have strong governance and greater efficiencies.

We have engaged, happy and motivated teams with the right skills mix to deliver the best outcomes for patients and their families. We pride ourselves on the support and development of our staff. They are able to share expertise, knowledge and best practice to ensure consistently high quality care across our practices.

We have expanded our workforce and trialled a number of new and exciting roles, including introducing a clinical support unit consisting of medicine technicians and clinical coders.

Our approach is showing real results with our teams demonstrating positive clinical outcomes for patients and improved staff experience:

  • All NPC practices achieved more than 98% for QOF in 2018/19 meaning patients with chronic diseases or long term conditions are reviewed and monitored to the highest standard possible
  • Patient satisfaction is high – in fact as high as John Lewis! More than 85% of patients are likely to recommend services to friends and family
  • The CQC has rated all of our practices as good and we continue to aspire for outstanding in the next round of inspections

We are a forward thinking organisation and as part of our culture we are embracing new technologies to improve the services we offer our patients. We understand the importance of listening to our patients, and are not afraid to make changes following feedback. We are keen to share our learning and if you are considering a change of direction for your practice, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to know how we use your information, click here.